Magnificence (Miracles) in the temple is revealed from time to time. There was rain of saffron continuously for seven days in the year 1946. Saffron was visible everywhere including Mohan Grah, Verandah and courtyard, ever utensils and clothes of worship got coloured in saffron with smell of Kesar. Many persons were witness to this astonishing feast. Kshetrapal Baba's splendor in the temple is very amazing and astonishing who fulfills long cherished desires of many persons if they worship him venerably and sincerely from the very core of their hearts. Scooter of Secretary, Management Committee, Sidhh kshetra and the car of engineer S.K. Shukla were recovered with in 15 days of the theft. Lost gold fingure ring of the President of the of Management Committee of Temple was also recovered. The Manager of Usha Company was suspended and a meeting for his dismissal was in progress, but the tables were turned in his favour by the grace of kshetrapal Baba, Instead of his dismissal he got promotion. People have heard the sound of bells in the night while there was no buddy in side the temple premises. Such is the spell of Baba. Not only Jains but people from other community also are influenced by the miracles of Baba.There are lot of devotees abroad making calls requesting to put Chola on their behalf. People have realized the great power themselves. So many amazing event had taken place due to Baba which are difficult to narrate. Adornment of Chola of Kshetrapal Baba takes place on every Tuesday and Saturday. We are trying to put Chola process on Internet to enable people anywhere in the world to see the live process on their computer screen. Intensive Marble work is continuously going on uninterruptedly since last more then a decade lot of works has already been done.


  • Beautification of Jambu-Van where the worlds largest statue has been installed
  • Stone carving, moulding and cladding around the base of the statue.
  • Lighting of Jambu-Van and to put focus lights in front of the statue to highlight the same.
  • Construction of reception cum retiring rooms for prilgrims.
  • Plantation of permanent trees, ornamental shrubs and seasonal flowering and non-flowering plants
  • Renovation of road and development of parking place for vehicles.

You are requested to visit, stay for some time, look at the progress and donate generously to complete the said projects.